crystariium (crystariium) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets + Pokedoll Wants!~

Hello everybody!
I'm back again with another gets post since I've added a few interesting additions to my collection recently.
Everything will be under the cut!~


Quite a bunch of cute faces right? :)
I'm pretty excited that I finally obtained my first Plushplush for a great price!

Looking for the following, preferably MWT (US or JP is fine) & for fair prices :)
Reshiram Pokedoll
Noctowl Pokedoll
Giratina Pokedoll, Origin Forme
Deoxys Pokedoll, Speed Forme
Rotom Pokedoll, Frost & Heat
Suicune Pokedoll
Lugia Pokedoll
Ho-oh Pokedoll
Rayquaza Pokedoll
Shiny Entei Pokedoll
Shiny Raikou Pokedoll
Shiny Suicune Pokedoll
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll

Thanks for reading! :)

Tags: gets, pokedolls, wants

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