chikorita_152 (chikorita_152) wrote in pkmncollectors,
pkmncollectors Update 8/3/16 : Clefairy, Growlithe, Lapras, Eevee plush, Johto pins, + more!

Hey! A new wave of items are available on! The images are direct links!

Let's start with the plush: Growlithe, Clefairy <3, Lapras (large), and Eevee .

Next up are new Johto starters pin sets: Bayleef <3/ Quilava/ Croconaw + Meganium <3/ Typhlosion/ Feraligatr.

New Volcanion TCG items are now available, click the banner to check them out!

And to finish things off, there are two new Zygarde shirts:

Does anything catch your eye this time? I know I'll be ordering a few more Clefairy plush! (I have the Japanese version MWT) I was checking back to see if an Arceus pokedoll had been released..... still not up yet. =( They added the Arceus TCG pin box though...

Thanks for looking, and have a great Pokemon day!
-Chikorita_152 Clefairy!
Tags: bayleef, croconaw, feraligatr, growlithe, info, lapras, meganium, plush, pokecen, pokemon, quilava, tcg, typhlosion, zygarde
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