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Char-line update + Sales!

Hi everyone :D

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far :)

I've been meaning to upgrade my Char-line collection setup for a few weeks now, and I finally decided it was time to stop procrastinating and do the thing. Well, anyway, my old unit was getting very crowded and with a few more additions to my collection coming soon, I felt like I should change things up!

Here's the full view:

And some individual pics under the cut ^^

Put some of my favorite merch on the top shelf ^^
My SnapToys Charizard, Tomy 2013 char and the Charizard bank are my top 3!

Mirage shelf!!!!

Some Charmanders~

Even more Charmanders :'D

My super empty Charmeleon shelf :/ why can't he have more merch D:

More charizards~

PC 'Zards<3

Mega Y merch~

So, I'm seriously lacking in Mega X and Charmeleon hahaha ^^; but i'm glad everyone has their own little homes now :3

Also, I still have a bunch of figures and plush for sale on my sales post! Please check them out~

Thats all for now~ Have a great day everyone!

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