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42 Steam Siege Booster Pack Opening Livestream!

Hi, Everyone!

Today I'll be opening 42 Steam Siege packs on Livestream! :D

6 of the 42 packs are from these! ^^ I'm still looking for the single pack blisters.

And this lovely binder will be featured as the backdrop. XD! I bought the 2 inch Eevee binder for my Eeveelution collection. ^^

I went ahead and opened my Arceus Box. ^^; All of these are duplicates. I only need 3 EXs 1 Holo, and 21 Rerverse Holo cards from Generations.

If there's any cards you think you'll be interested in, feel free to comment and I"ll let you know if I get any duplicates. ^^

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 2:45pm Eastern Time. Livestream is over! Thanks to everyone that stopped by. :D Going to sort cards now. I'll update the list below and hopefully post photos of duplicates later. ^^ Edit:List below updated. I'd especially like to get PyroarBREAK, the last Steelix EX, and RHs of Meowth and Perisan. Still need to make a list of my duplicates. I know that an extra Mega Steelix FA and a Mega Gardevoir EX (m14mouse??) up for trade.

Here's a list of all the cards I'm looking for from this set. This will be edited after the Livestream.

5/114 Jumpluff - maybe
8/114 YanmegaBREAK
21/114 TalonflameBREAK
24/114 PyroarBREAK
26/114 VolcanionEX - maybe
51/114 Hoopa
67/114 SteelixEX
73/114 Klinklang
87/114 HydreigonBREAK
96/114 Talonflame
107/114 VolcanionEX - maybe
113/114 Pokémon Ranger
114/114 Professor Sycamore
115/114 VolcanionEX - maybe

Reverse Holos -

2/114 Tangrowth - maybe
5/114 Jumpluff - maybe
6/114 Yanma
7/114 Yanmega
12/114 Foongus
13/114 Amoonguss
14/114 Larvesta
15/114 Volcarona
16/114 Ponyta
19/114 Monferno
20/114 Infernape
23/114 Pyroar
25/114 Volcanion - maybe
27/114 Mantine
29/114 Gastrodon - maybe
32/114 Samurott
33/114 Clauncher
34/114 Clawitzer
37/114 Avalugg
40/114 Ampharos
41/114 Joltik
42/114 Galvantula
44/114 Nidorino
45/114 Nidoking
48/114 Litwick
49/114 Lampent
50/114 Chandelure
51/114 Hoopa
56/114 Anorith
57/114 Armaldo
65/114 Yveltal
69/114 Shieldon
71/114 Klink
73/114 Klinklang
77/114 Azumarill
80/114 Klefki
81/114 Xerneas
83/114 Druddigon
84/114 Deino
85/114 Zweilous
86/114 Hydreigon
88/114 Meowth
89/114 Persian
90/114 Aipom
94/114 Fletchling
96/114 Talonflame
97/114 Hawlucha
98/114 Armor Fossil Shieldon
99/114 Captivating Poké Puff - maybe
100/114 Claw Fossil Anorith
101/114 Gardevoir Spirit Link


Does anyone in the UK have any of the GAME stamped promos for trade or sale? I've only been able to get a Pikachu one.

I also still have the EX, FA, Prime, and LEGEND cards here for trade - Link and I'm still looking for the items mentioned.

And, I'm looking for 3 Korean PokeKyun cards and have my duplicates photographed here - Link

~ Risha
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