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Hello again, and a collection update!

Hey everyone!
It's been a SUPER long time since i've been on here, mostly due to being busy with school and work.
I joined many many years ago and was always more of a lurker than an actual poster, buying things here and there, but now that I have been able to redecorate a little bit, and got some additions to my pokefamily, I really wanted to show everything off!

I mainly collect Clefairy (of course), but I do also love poliwhirl and tepig! Bulbasaur is great too.

Well, please feel free to check it out!


This is the first section, with my Poliwhirls, assorted figures, and some of my kid figures!!

Here is the main aspect of my collection, my heart and soul, Clefairy!  They are just so cute and pink and perfect! How can I resist!
(And that goomy is there because he has a teensy tiny pokedoll!! HOW CUTE!!)  This collection has grown so much over the past few years. I started collecting clefairy as a child, and never gave up!

My more recently aquired Tepig collection, some misc stuff like Mew and some TFG figures (I found these guys at a thrift store all in a bag :0 ) and more kids under!

My latest edition! I got them in this week. Aren't they just sooo cute? I love them! (Please ignore the scratchy paint in the background teehee)

Okay, moving on to my bedroom which has a lot more plushies!!

Here we have the 20th anniversary Chubbychu. I pre-ordered it but it wasn't really what I wanted, life goes on!

20th anniversary Mew just chillin' on the AC! :D

Ahh my glorious bed!

A bit of a mish mash of all sorts of cute pokemon I like. Also, the pikachu on the far left is my first pokemon toy that I got way back in the day! I still have him, even though hes all roughed up <3

My pokemon Pillow Collection and other friends! If anyone has the Chespin head for sale please let me know! I missed out on getting him and I would love to complete the collection! :)

Oh, and last but not least! A bit of an older pic, but I forgot this section and am using this one instead. I have these huge johto starters! I really wish I had Cyndaquil as he's my fave out of the bunch :P I now have the large froakie from the pokemon centre (Trainer sized?) there too!

I hope you enjoyed that! I am always looking for other Clefairy merch that I don't already have, but right now i'm trying not to spend too much as I just had a big splurge recently!

Tags: clefairy, collection, kids, mew, poliwhirl, tepig
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