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Odd Pokemon finds! Also question about threads in plushes

This is a compilation of two different posts, both of them interesting finds I wanted to show.

This is from the St. Joseph County Indiana fair last month. I had to take a photo. I couldn't get too close to examine it as I didn't want to draw attention. To win it you had to make basketball shots.
Look at the jersey, that's a good size comparison.

Here it is again so you can see how big it is. Must be like three feet.

Next, my family and I went to this big antique fair two counties away. When I saw Pokemon, I immediately took a look. However, I had a sneaking suspicion something looked off. The plushes seemed like bootlegs. Even the figures looked... unscrupulous. I took some photos.

Let's take a look at that Leafeon.

Something's off with this.

A Cubone Pokedoll? That doesn't look like a Pokedoll?
Yeah, I dunno. That doesn't look real.

Thought I would show you these.

Also, here's a plush design question.

I really adore my Fennekin plush and I have it close to me a lot. But his front paws are bound by a thread.
I've long wanted to take a seam cutter and cut that, then his paws would be free, and I could do even more with him.
But it seems like on some level, that would be... doing something bad to it.
The same thing is with the tail on my Vaporeon, all curved and bound by a thread, but could be straightened.
Does this seem like an ok thing to do?

Also curious, if you play Pokemon Go, what team are you on?
Poll #2051228 What team are you?

What team are you?

Team Mystic
Team Instinct
Team Valor
Team I don't really play Pokemon Go
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