rebekahraichu (rebekahraichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Beautiful Mew Card gets + Sales Reminder

Hello Collectors! A card I was waiting on finally arrived, and I wanted to show you guys the cards I got. Here's a picture of all three, first:

This picture didn't turn out so well, and the glare is in all the photos I've taken. :/

First is the beautiful holographic Fossil set Mew! I love it so much!

Second I have the "vending series 00" Mew. It's been called this by fans because it was given out at a special event back in 1997 I believe, and is similar to the "vending series" cards.

Last is the Tree Of beginning's Mew promo given out in theaters for the 10th Movie. This one took a long time to arrive, but I'm glad it's finally here! It's also holographic, but the picture doesn't show it very well.

Last I have a sales reminder, and I've added a few things, including Eeveelution jakks figures. Please take a look!
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