Lindsay (linameerun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ebay auction and some updated sales!

Hello hello people of the good world!

It's almost weekend again and then I am always a bit more happy then normal! =)

For now, I have a big lot on ebay live, please check it out:

Unfortunatelly the shipping costs is high internationally :( But when you live in Europe the shipping fees are 15$ (not 25$!! dont know where to change so ill pay you back after you have won the auction).

Also, I want to add my sales banner here again, because I have lots of sales and also some new ones:
Or click here:

Also thanks so zigguppafu I have got loooots of more new Zigzagoon stuff, I will have them next week and will also make a collection update! :D But still I have more stuff on my want list: >>> <<<

Thanks for watching :D
Also, if you have an list  with tags, please add me up to your list for all Zigzagoon stuff, and Pikachu cards!

Have a nice weekend!

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