shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More things added to sales post! + Clauncher Card up for Sale/Trade

I have added even more items to my sales post in preperation for Sun and Moon, and just to make more space. Including a Steel Plate Arceus Zukan and a Jakks Luxio figure! Please take a look if those or anything else in my sales would be of interest:

I got two packs of the newest english TCG set- Steam Seige yesterday,but I happened to get one duplicate (Clauncher 33/114). If anyone would be interested in buying or trading for it I have it listed in my XY Era Trading Card List:

I also have some duplicate cards from the HG/SS Era through the B/W Era listed here:

And I still have some misc. flats such as pokemon time bookmarks and stickers in my Flats Sales Post;

Have a good weekened everyone!
Tags: arceus, clauncher, luxio, mantine, munchlax, sales, shinx
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