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Umbreon Goldstar restauration + Auction

Hello dear collectors!

I have something special today, a POP 5 Umbreon Goldstar I managed to snag up from European PCM at quite cheap, but in horrible condition with sharpie smeared over it. Now, as someone who makes their living with altering and restoring trading cards, I couldn#t pass up the opportunity and decided to make it look pretty again - and offer it up for grabs to you guys.

Read more to see the before/after shots and the auction details!

Here's how it looked like before, the sharpie signature was from the Pokemon professor apparently, it had creases and water damae plus some ugly edgewear.

umbreon restauration small.png

And here's the photos after restauration. It took me roughly eight hours and unfortunately I couldn't get rid of the creases completely, but a few paint layers cover them up quite a bit, the edgewear is almost gone, and the sharpie as well with the help of trusty alcohol, Q-Tips and acrylics.

It will never look 100% perfect but it does look much better now, and in a sleeve it easily passes as excellent.

Now, i have been debating with myself whether or not I want to let this beauty go but rent and cat food needs to be paid.


Auction details and sales info:

- Sales permission  granted by entirelycliched on February 11th 2013
- I ship internationally, but since I'm from Germany, please keep in mind that shipping can get a little expensive and take a bit longer
- Payments via PayPal only
- Shipping for this piece will most likely be around 10 - 15 USD
- I am not responsible for lost mail, although I will send with tracking and insurance so in the worst case you're save on the money side
- Do NOT delete your comments or replies, think before placing a bid

- Feedback page can be found here
- To avoid any confusion about my little feedback on the community, here's my ebay feedback as well.

- Auction is starting at 160 USD and ends in one week's time, on August 13th at midnight, CET.
- Mimimum bid increment is 1 USD

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Tags: auction, tcg, umbreon
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