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Pokemon gets: new Tomy plush Banette, Riolu, Noibat, Eevee, Pumpkaboo + figures

Heeeey! I found the entire new wave of Tomy Pokemon plush today, and would like to share some pics! I also found the new articulated Tomy figures of Mewtwo and Greninja.

This was my face when I found the Mewtwo figure:

New tomy plush:

New tomy articulated figures:

More pics are under the cut:
I was so happy to find the entire wave at once! I even managed to get 2 of Banette! (the main plush I've been looking forward to for almost a year)

Noibat! Cute, but not worth the $50 on toywiz. Its a very "flat" feeling plush.

Banette! I'll never discard you like those awful pokedex entries say. I care for you, banette! lol

Eevee! (new pose) Very cute! I try to stay away from this line, but the new pose was super effective on wallet.

Pumpkaboo! I already had the PC plush, but this one is pretty nice too! Kind of makes me regret trading off my gourgeist plush. =/ I miss you pumpkin.

Riolu! You know, he evolves into that super popular gen4 Pokemon. But not this plush, its staying in Riolu form, forever! Thanks, everstone.

In box.... but not for much longer!

Opened! These are awesome! they look even better in person.... and are fun to pose!

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!
Tags: banette, eevee, figures, froakie, frogadier, gets, greninja, mewtwo, noibat, plush, pokemon, pumpkaboo, riolu, tomy
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