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Hello comm! ♡ Thank you so much to the members who helped me with my Japan funds in my last sales post!! ^^ I said I'd be back with a collection update the next time I posted but I'm in need of some money so sales it is! :3

I promise I'll do an update soon and I'll throw in a preview of my collection for you in the cut below :D

Much more to come in my next post ^^ I'm excited to finally be sharing my eeveelu collection with you guys after being a member for 4 years! :D

I mostly collect eevees and dog/cat pokemon so there's a chance that you might find something if you enjoy this type of pokemon ^^
I also have some charms and other stuff as well, please take a look


I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here

- I have a dog who sheds quite a bit so items are probably not allergen free even if most have not been displayed :(
- I ship from Norway which is an expensive affair, please see prices under each item description or section for shipping quotes (or ask if you want several items ^^)
- Comittment takes priority
- I accept haggling, but I might turn your offer down
- I need money right now but I'm very open to trades for higher wants, my wishlist can be found here ^^
- I'll ship within 2-3 weeks, might be slow due to exams


Japan PC Vulpix: $15 ON HOLD (the stitching of the tail to the body is rather loose)
Ninetales: $25 OBO (1 left)
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Fennekin Pokepalre plush: $20 (1 left)
Espurr WANTED!!! plush: $25 SOLD
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Raichu canvas: $40 OBO
Sylveon pokedoll (tush tag only): $7 SOLD
Espurr pokedoll: $16 ON HOLD
Latias petit: $8
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8 for Raichu/Latias $11/$13) for the pokedolls)

Vaporeon Tomy plushies (JP release): $18 each
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

DX Banpresto plush: $17 each

Available:Leafeon and Eevee

(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Small Banpresto I ♡ Eevee plushies: $12
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8 except Vaporeon bc of the protruding tail it bumps up to $$11/$13 shipping)

I ♡ Eevee Banpresto keychains: Vaporeon (hang tag): $9
The rest are TTO and $5

Available: Espeon, Vaporeon

(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

Korotto manmaru plushies: $12
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13 but Jolteon might be $6/7.8)

Eeveelution kuttari (JP version): $14 each

Also have sleeping Umbreon!!

(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

Pokemon time mascots: $9 each
Only Flareon left!

(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

I <3 Mew DX plush: $20

Small vintage plushies: $7 each
Sold: Mew, Charmander

Charmander: $4 (good condition on this guy)
Snivy: $2,5 ( very loved)


- Shipping for anything over 2 cm (most figures except very small ones) starts at $5,85 to Europe and $7,6 elsewhere
- Big stuff over 7 cm starts at 10,5 to Europe and $12,9 elsewhere
- Things under 2 cm have more "normal" shipping prices but it only goes for very small figures. A typical tomy figure sized item will be too big for instance. A candy figure or chou get is under the 2 cm limit.

Click picture to make it bigger! :)

Ippai Eevee figures: $5 each (sold: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon)
Eevee and friends figures Sylveon and Leafeon: $6,5
New Zukan with Sylveon: $18 SOLD
Eevee pokedoll figure: $8
Kyun Charas: Eevee is $8 and Flareon $10
Flareon and Leafeon keychains: $7 each ( not 100% mint, leafeon is dusty and Flareon has a small paint scuff on her forehead)
Espeon chou get: $5 each
Umbreon keshipoke MIP with packaging: $30 OBO (I paid a fortune for these on pokevault back in the day ;D)
Sylveon/Skitty kaiyodo figures : $4 each
Eevee screen cleaner figure: $4
Fennekin soda figure: $4
(please excuse the extra espeon she's not for sale :S)
MIP Poochyena and Electrike Tomy figures: $20 each
Charmeleon keshimon: $3
Piplup and garbite palace figures: $2
Raichu pink chibi stamper: $10
Xerneas soap figures: $4 each, $2 for Froakie and Chespin
Xerneas candy figure: $5
Landrous candy figure: $3,5
Lapras stadium figure: $3
Yellow Vaporeon rubber figure: $4
Dedenne sleeping ippai figure: $4
Turtwig sleeping Tomy: $27 OBO
Victini and Pikachu figures: $6 or take Victini for $4 or Pika for $2
Pokemon time Vaporeon strap: $7 (eye pain is not perfect but nothing very noticable I nitpick, please ask for picture)
Vaporeon PC strap: $7
Jolteon PC strap: $5
Vulpix fire stone strap: $25
Tepig and Meowth Osaka PC opening straps: $6,5, $4 for Pika SOLD

MIP kids: $5 for Leafeon, Glaceon. Buneary $4, Meganium $3,5 (I have his box!!) $2,5 for Azelf, Grotle and Wailmer
Eeveelution attack kids: $6 each (Sold: Espeon)
Standing eeveelution kids (Flareon is sitting and newer): $4 except Flareon who is $5

Click picture to make it bigger! :)

Oldschool suction cup pikachu figure: $1
Clipping figures: most come with cards: $4 each
Chou gets: $3 each (johto middle evos, skarmory, arceus)
Pokeball keychains: $4 each (sold: spinda, rayquaza, marshtomp)
Unova waza museum figures: I do have the bases somewhere but I might not find them, $5 each as they are now
Mantyke strap: $3
Entei strap: $4
Bidoof mystery dungeon figure: $2
Mega Charizard X figure (came with Absol): $4

Togepi talking toy: $6

Eeveelution Toyopet watches
$30 each (Sold: Umbreon)
These were given out during an event at cardealerships in 2013 and I assume they're quite sought after, but feel free to give me an offer if you disagree on the price and I'll definitely consider it! :)

Dedenne face/hand towels: $3 (I have like 5 of these!)
Eeveelution tin pouch: $12
Eevee hand towel: $6
Eevee scrunchie: $5 SOLD
Eevee pen: $3,5
Eeveelu buttons: $4 each or 7 for a pack
Sylveon rubber crogs accessory: $7 (I realized I only have 1 eevee and I'm keeping her sorry!! :S)
Tape holders: Umbreon/Glaceon motive with sylveon on the back: $5
Happy party time mirror: $12
Happy party time note book: $10 SOLD
Eevee notebook: $8
Photo frame: $7 (heavy and shipping might be a bit)

Click picture to make it bigger! :)

Beautifly line charms: $15
Gardevoir line: $13
Squirlte line: $12
Charizard: $14
Clefairy: $10
Bulbasaur line: $13
Pidgey line: $10
Togepi line: 10
Butterfree line: $10
Eevee line: $17
Old Blastoise line: $18
Old Pikachu line: $20
Happy party time set: $15
Single Eevee: $4 SOLD

Dedenne, Chespin, Meowstics pokedoll charms: $4, Froakie $3 SOLD
Mudkip kuttari charm:
Meowth Osaka charm $4, Pika $3
Manaphy metal charm: $4
Turtwig metal charm: $4
Metal pokedex charms: $3 each
Ponyta dog tags: $5

Thanks so much for looking ^^
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