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Vacation sales / Thrift Store finds

Hi everyone! I actually found something good while thrift shopping today. I found a vintage toy store and they actually had a lot of pokemon figures most were old burger king toys but i did find some tomy figures and some cool bigger hasbro.they had a hasbro articuno i wish i bought but it didn't have his tail so i passed. all are in my sale below except venasaur which i am keeping. i need these plush gone i'm going on vacation next week and need these out of my room before i go. these will be shipped Saturday

ales permission granted on February 28 2016 by arciea96
PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
- My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raindance11/ ( old account)
- Not selling to non or banned members as I want to make sure these items get a great and hopefully forever home
- I ship from Fircrest Washington
- Haggling is accepted, but please no low balling
- Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees; I DON'T ACCEPT GIFTED PAYMENTS I WILL REFUND YOU
Please put your Username and what you bought in the info
- Prices are in USD and method of payment is via Paypal. Nothing else at this time
- No holds sorry
- No payment needed at least 2 hours after committing
- I will pack each item to the best of my ability in an envelope to preserve the item and keep costs low. if an item is big i will use a box ( i do recycle boxes and bags)
- Items come from a smoke free home ( i do have a dog and she has access to my room with plush in it )
- I am not responsible for packages after they leave my house sorry
- i ship at least a few days after paying sometimes school makes me busy though.
Sales ~

i did start to write prices on pictures but i didn't end up finishing it lmao

everything in this picture is $10 each

kecelon banpresto ~ $120
pikachu ~ $6
oshawott pokemon center ~ $18
phanphy $15
ferroseed $5 or free with purchase
eevee fuzzy banpresto ~ $20

glameow loved condition with stains and no tush tag ~ $8
riolu pokedoll no tush tag ~ $15
latios and latias both loved with no tags stained ~ $15 each
manaphy pokedoll ~ tush tag only ~ $12

fenniken talking plush ( i have original box if interested) ~ $20
leafeon tomy ~ $8
riolu tomy 2013 mint with tag ~ $20
pichu kutakuta ~ $8
pichu and marill fuzzy tomy plush ~ $10 each
chespin tomy loved condition ~ $5
munchlax tomy ~ 15

prices in picture

tomy figures ( was told they are authentic but may want to double check)
all may have some scratches
James ~ $5
hoothoot ~ $4
onix ~ $8
golduck ~ $4
nidoking ~ $7
zapdos ~ $3.50
articuno ~ $2
bulbasaur talking figure 1997 ~ $22
venasaur isn't for sale sorry
poliwrath tentacruel and psyduck burger king toys ~ $1.50 each or $3 for all
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