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First package using FromJapan + A grail of sorts

Look what came!!!!!
It's my very first FromJapan package full of Y!J goodies!! More under the cut!

So much stuff *_*

Let's start with what I like to call "bubble wrap bananza" - because I spent a good 20 mins getting everything out lol

So I managed to find the following:

  • Growlithe TOMY Keychain (minus the keychain)

  • Red Growlithe mini model

  • Pink Growlithe chibi stamp

  • Pokemon Time tin

  • Hip pop parade keychain (the only thing I was missing from that promo!!!)

  • 3 Growlithe Tettra pieces

  • Orange Arcanine Kid

  • "Talking" Slowbro MIP (Altho I took him out of the plastic since it was gross and his color was starting to melt off D: )

  • Slowbro TOMY Keychain

  • Slowbro Keychain with attachable tail

  • Slowbro Swing Charm

  • TOMY Charm

  • Banpresto Figure

  • Cubone Sub figure

Oh what's this?? --"Let us out, we can't breathe!"

"Ah much better"
We have here a PC raichu (I explain that in a sec), New style laying Totodile, and a Banpresto catcher toto :D

alright so what's in the box that was inside a box?? This was a pretty random find, but I was pretty thrilled when I saw it
It's the Diamond and Pearl cup featuring Arcanine :3 and a bunch of other fire types <3 I'm not sure what to do with the other cup lol (I dunno why the pics are sideways?? LJ pls work with me here)

Okay so what's next??

It's a bag full of squishy pokemon! I fought so hard for this lot, all for Totodile (and maybe a Pikachu)...but whenever I manage to get sales permission the rest will be up for grabs! On the side wrapped in bubble wrap is the Slowpoke Choco Egg figure as seen here:

WHEW alright, so I'm sure you might be wondering why such a HUGE box for things that are so tiny? Yes? No? Maybe? Get to the point? Alright.


"*coughs* We can't breathe either!!"

"Boy are we happy to be out of that bag! Wake up Pika! We're here!!"
*squeal* So the real grail here is the Fuzzy DX Raichu, I've been after him for awhile and he isn't easy to come by for a good price. So one night I was feeling rather discouraged about finding him and I started combing through Y!J as usual, and coming up with nothing :/ However I did see a listing for the DX I <3 Pikachu Raichu with the PC Raichu, so I clicked it randomly not thinking anything of it....cue the adrenaline because lo and below the second picture on the listing was this BEAUTIFUL FUZZY RAICHU! The whole listing was about 4400 yen (about $43 ish) and a BIN. I remember texting my friend in an absolute frenzy over it and she was just like "BUY IT!!!"  so I did and I am so happy to see this baby in person! All 3 are MWT too which is just an added bonus! I wasn't planning on keeping the other two, but they are pretty cute themselves so they'll stick around (:

The Banpresto Sleeping Pikachu was a random find and when I saw it's picture I audibly gasped at how cute it was! I had to have it in my mini pikachu collection.

WHEW! Did you get through all that? If you did, you're pretty awesome!
I'll be back soon with another update seeing as I have another grail in the mail (hey that rhymed!).

Until next time! Happy collecting~
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