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Lady Pika gets <3 + decision to weed collections

Hi everyone! I have received lots of amazing female Pikachu gets over the past few months. I thought I'd share some photos with you all :)

First up is this amazing Double Chance girl Pikachu plush from the Modern Japanese-style Art ichiban kuji that took place at the end of last year. There were only 100 of these made! I am so happy I was able to obtain one <3 I had wanted one for a long time and was finally able to get one from Y!J. Thanks so much to tsuiling for letting me know when one was up for auction! <3


More plushies (monthly Pikachu pairs and My Dearest pair)

Clothing, bags, etc

Cards and accessories

Stickers, can badges, pins, keychains and a bracelet


Kyoto pen and exclusive ceramic cups (these are beautiful!)

Clear files and stickers

More clear files

Clear posters and die-cut cardboard Masked Pika (sorry, please ignore the pokedolls that squashed into the photo xD)

Thank you for checking out my photos :) Wow...there have been so many adorable promos featuring girl Pikachu lately! It's very exciting, but also very costly for me ^_^' heh heh.

On another note: I have made the tough decision to weed out some of my collections. Girl Pikachu is still my main collection, and I haven't slowed down on collecting her at all, but I have decided to stop collecting a few of my side collections. I recently got sales permission, so I am working on my sales post and banner, which will hopefully be posted in the near future. I am going to start off with mostly selling plush, and then afterwards will sell other things such as figures, flats, etc. The main Pokemon I decided to stop side collecting is male Pikachu. He just has way too many items and I found that I was buying things I didn't even like, just to add to my collection...Which didn't make sense and was way too costly for me. I am still going to buy a few items of him that I really like, but I don't side collect him anymore. I have also weeded out stuff of Pokemon I never really collected, but had some items of. I will post my sales here on the comm as soon as they are ready :)

I hope you're all enjoying your morning/day/night!
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