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4th Year Anniversary and Reintro <3

Hi everyone! I've recently passed my fourth year anniversary here on the comm, so I thought I'd do a little reinto, with a look at my collection <3

So first off all, I have been collecting since 2005. I started when I was in primary school- I'm a little bit hazy on what exactly started my passion, but I do remember getting my first three Pokemon cards from a kid on the bus home from school. (If I remember correctly, the cards were a Phanpy, Donphan, and Abra lol). Soon after that, my dad took my to Toys R Us where I got my very first Pokemon - Pikachu! And that was the start of the long road of collecting.

Here's a look at my collection from 2006!

collection start.jpg

And here's a little piece of what it looks like now in 2016 (you can double click to enlarge):



One thing about my current collection is that I really don't have room to display it all. I like a neat and clean room, so about 60% of my plush are under my bed in boxes, and around 50% of my figures are in a shelf in my closet :( Once I have my own place, I will make sure everything is displayed. I've also actually stopped collecting plush (with a few exceptions here and there) so at least this problem won't be getting any larger lol.

I've also found pictures from different times in my life with me and my Pokemon- it's funny seeing evidence of how I've grown with them always being a part of my life. If you'd like to see, I have some pics under the cut c:

Elementary School - with an Eevee I got for my 8th birthday! Getting an Eevee plush back then was a dream come true. They were much less common than they are now haha.

Middle School - with a Glameow I got in stores! Sinnoh came out while I was in elementary school, so it was around for the majority of my collecting life.

High School - with some of my commissioned 1:1 Pokemon... I spent a lot of money on commissions in high school ;A;


And finally, graduation! With the Pokemon that started it all <3 (Don't worry, I didn't actually bring him with me lol)

I've made tons of amazing friends over my four years here on the comm, but for those of you who don't know me, here are some basic facts (both Pokemon themed and real life) c:

-My top favorite Pokemon is forever going to be Pikachu, but other favorites are the Lati's, Houndoom/Mightyena, Sceptile, Celebi, and Espeon.
-I'm a dog person but have a more cat like personality.
-I will be getting a small-medium sized tattoo of the Lati's on my shoulder blade once I turn 18.
-I'm a Libra, ambivert, my zodiac is a tiger, my element/astrological personality is air, and my personality type is ENTJ.
-Hoenn is my favorite region, and my favorite side game is the Mystery Dungeon series.
-I grew up on the anime and got my first main series game (Platinum) and DS in 6th grade for Hannukah.
-I will be going to college in September as a Bio premed major.
-Most people I know have no idea I'm into Pokemon, but my close friends don't hear the end of it.
-I love video games but don't play them often - I prefer to spend my time outside rather than inside.
-That being said, I basically finished Grey's Anatomy in two months with no trouble at all..
-I have applied to my town's volunteer EMT program, and am eagerly waiting for a response!!
-I had a crush on Ash as a kid, and N as a teenager.
-My dream future consists of a big house with a husband, three kids, and a German shepherd and/or golden retriever.
-I used to cosplay in late middle school through high school, but I recently left the cosplay community and don't plan to continue.
-My starter picks for each region are Charmander, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, and Froakie.
-My fav types are grass, electric, flying, and the whole psychic/dark/ghost gang. Dragon is awesome too, but I tend to dislike dragon trainers from the anime for some reason.
-My fav bad guy team is Team Magma and my Pokemon Go team is Team Valor.

Lastly I'd just like to say thank you to all the mods for making the comm a safe, friendly, and organized place, and a thank you to all my friends, buyers, and sellers who have made my stay on the comm absolutely fantastic. Love you guys!
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