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Multi-purpose post of multi-purposeness! I'm back with a collection update!!

Hello everyone! I have been a bit inactive lately due to a big move, but I am now finally all moved in and my collection is all newly set up! I am so glad! (My babies had to sit in a storage unit for two months, but now they are all safe and sound!) I've still been collecting, just had a lot of changes going on in my life and I hope to become fairly active here again! If you'd like to see more pics of my collection, visit my journal here:


I also was wondering if anyone knows where to get these ITS DEMO keychains. I am interested in the Sylveon and Espeon only, so if anyone wanted to buy the Eevee and Umbreon with me, that would be super!!

Image result for its demo sylveon download

(Images were obtained through a google search. If they are yours and you would like them removed, I will! ^^)

Also, who else is SUPER EXCITED for the Alola region Vulpix and Ninetales new forms!!?? I know I am!! I almost cried when I saw the trailer! I was in shock! These new forms compliment them so well!! I was wondering if anyone is doing any small customs for these guys? (I am looking to pay around $15 right now)

download 2
Tags: eeveelutions, espeon, leafeon, ninetales, persian, sylveon, vulpix
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