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Handmade pokemon holo cards - 4 slots up for auction!

Hey everyone :D

As many of you knows, I love to make pokemonart and esp. aceos (pokemon cards). It´s kinda a childhood dream for me to make my own pokemon tcgs, esp. holos! I already made a lot of pokemon aceo-cards as commissions through you! :D <3

Now I tried to find a way to make a holographic background onto my handmade cards. I made 4 cards for my first try and I´m super happy with how they turned out! Ok, I screwed up one card by using too much acryl gel :( but it was a try-out and at least, I´m super proud of my other 3! :D

~ Start price for each slot is 10$
~ Shipping worldwide 1$ (no matter how many cards lol)
You will find any other infos under the cut! :)

I also made a facebook page for my art, if anyone is interested to follow me, here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/YasminPikabulbachu/
You can also see my sketches there and new art I make :D It would be so great if I get more people there! :)
(hope this isn´t against the rules - if so, please tell me and I delete it!)


~ All cards are fully hand drawn and made by me :)
~ I´m using watercolors on a 250g/m² very fine structured aquarell paper (the cards are slim like the TCGs!)
~ For the holo effect I´m using glitter powder and acryl gel - the glitter part feels a bit rough, but doesn´t peel off
~ The glitter is transparent/holographic (colorful, not silver)
~ I can use gold and silver metallic color for small parts on the card!
~ Every card is handsigned on the backside and comes in a tcg-sleeve

~ Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
~ My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
~ Paypal only
~ Prices does not include shipping or paypal fees
~ Shipping is without insurance - please tell me if you want this! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost mails
~ I ship from germany worldwide
~ Shipping price worldwide: 1$ in a small envelope (without insurance)
~ Paypal fees are extra

~ I will auction off 4 slots
~ 1 slot = 1 handmade pokemon holo card
~ You can choose whatever pokemon(s) and theme you want! At least it must doable and fit onto the card
~ Each slot will start @10$
~ Minimum increase of bids is 1$
~ Auction will run for 7 days, starting now until 17th august
~ Timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20160817T00&p0=37&msg=pokemon+holo+card+auction&font=cursive

Thanks all for looking and have a nice day/week! pelipper.png
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