raz2b (raz2b) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sky Pillar Pika Straps have landed!! + Extras for sale!

The group order is in! And we have a bunch of extras!

This post concerns  pikachux, toketsuhana, and jadekitty777

Original Entry here!

They. Are. HUGE???

And Jade's full box~

Please send all payments to greeneswitchblade@gmail.com with your USERNAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS in the comments!!

pikachux, toketsuhana, Assuming you're both in the states, your shipping cost is $3 flat!
jadekitty777, your shipping cost is $12!

Thanks so much for helping me get Rayquaza you guys!!

And now the extras.
These will be $9 each (or 600yen if you participated in the group buy), I reserve my right not to sell to those who dropped out of this group order.
Shipping to the USA is typically $3
Sales permission granted in April, 2012 by entirelycliched!
Feedback is here!


Sold: Shiny Poncho, Cloud Pika, Star Wand Pika
Tags: group buy, pikachu, rayquaza, sales

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