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☼Big collection update, Ziggy time! ☼

Hello hello everyone!

Hope you all have a great day!
I think we all saw the post zigguppafu officially retired from collecting. I can't imagine I would ever reach that point, but I also thought zigguppafu would never reach that point. But because of her, she did lots of her collection away from Zigzagoon. And I (almost) bought everything from her, which I didn't have yet, and was on my want list.

Now, I also wanna show off my new gets, from zigguppafu but also from others, please see below! :D

First of all my best get so far (I think!!!), the Pokemon Center 2003 Polvorones tin, I love it so much! I already had the clear file of this one, and I didn't know there was more of it, until zigguppafu showed me! :D I will never ever do this tin away! (On the back it's Torchic and left Treecko).

Yes, hereby the same promotion, this time a pencilboard! :D (I know zigguppafu still has the enveloppe and stickersheet of this promotion, also a big want, please tell me if you see it!)

Next, also a tin that was on my wantlist for so long, the butter cookies tin! It just has a tiny Zig, but is was a big want! :D Welcome in my collection!

I got this tattoo sheet in from Buyee, didn't know there were more Zigzagoon tattoo's, but I was very happy to find!

OMG look at how many WAPS I have collected so far! I am pretty sure there are more colours, please tell me!

More stickers :3

Tissue with Zigzagoon!

This one is made by our own pikabulbachu, I participated a contest of hers and she made me this as price, thanks so very much I love it, I actually think you're my favourite painting artist so far!! :D <3

Some stickers... :3

Omg the roller tape i am so happy with this!! :D

More stickers :)

Thank you so much for looking, I honestly didn't know there was this much zig stuff!
Of course I have more on my want list, if you see something, please don't hesitate to ask!

Or click here;

And if you want to see my full collection:

Sales plug:

Have a nice day!

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