chris_techno25 (chris_techno25) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My latest custom dynamic Pikachu diorama!

Hey guys, how's it going? So my friend asked me to make a unique Pikachu figure. Pikachu probably has the most official merch out there and it's kind of hard to make a unique one but anyhow here's the result of my imagination. Since I always sculpt on the fly without a proper reference, a lot of parts change in the middle of the whole process. Being a dynamic sculptor, a lot of times final isn't final so let me know if you got any suggestions as I always like to learn from everybody.

So basically Pikachu is 'grounding' its tail to summon thunder. People with electronics background should relate to this haha.

I'll be back for more soon so chow for now!
Tags: custom, pikachu
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