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Selling 2016 Tomy Combusken and Marshtomp & Flygon Sales Reminder

Click the above for a full size picture.

Big thanks to chikorita_152 for providing me the information I need to find this! I bought the set for Grovyle, so Combusken and Marshtomp are needing new homes. I'm not looking to make an extra profit on these, so I took the price I paid - $18, which includes sales tax - and divided by 3 to get the cost of each individual figure. Combusken and Marshtomp are $6 before shipping and PayPal fees.

As of 8/14/16, Combusken is sold.

I also want to give a reminder that a lot of my Flygon collection is still up for grabs. Sales permission and more information is under the cut.

pkmncollectors sales permission granted by entirelycliched on August 23, 2013.

PKMNCollectors feedback and other feedback.

- I ship from the United States.
- Prices do not include shipping and PayPal fees.
- PayPal only.
- I reserve the right to decline a transaction if the potential buyer has negative feedback, has backed out of sales in the past, etc.
- I do not claim responsibility for damaged or lost packages. Proof of shipment can be provided.
- It is the buyer's responsibility to ask for more information or photos regarding an item. Assume every item is in used condition unless otherwise stated.


Plush with tush tag - $20

Pencil topper - $15
Pokedex figure - $10
Tomy - $12
Dice (Flygon, Avalugg, Mega Abomasnow, Mega Heracross, Bonsly, Mega Blaziken) - $10
Clear kid sitting down - $50
Standard kid sitting down - $10
Clear kid standing up - $50
Shiny kid standing up - $50
Standard kid standing up - $10
Bell keychain - $50

Pokemon Time clearfile - $15
Carddass - $5
Pokemon Time bookmark - $8
Square stickers - $5 each (Vibrava is free with purchase)
Staks magnet - $5
TCG coins - $5 each
Circle magnet - $10
Round charm - $15
Playing card (red) - $5
Wap - $5
Movie 6 pog - $5
Perler sprite - $5

Chara Bottlin set - $40
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