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5 year Anniversary post!

Hi guys long time no post for me! Anyway next week is my 5th year anniversary of being on Pkmncollectors however since next week I am going to a wedding, I am unable to post, so here it is a week early! This time, I will be giving a brief story of how I became a pkmn collector and joined this community!

My name is Emma but I go by Dragonrider49 on the internet. I am 27 (28 in October) and I have been a Pokemon fan since pretty much the beginning with Pokemon Red and a Gameboy colour. Here is a picture of my replacement copy. ( My original fell victim to dead battery syndrome and thus I threw it away) If you haven't already guessed, I collect Dragon pokemon. From Dratini to Zygarde, I love them all! ( Looking forward to some Alola dragons.. not sure about exeggutor though. )  I first joined Pkmncollectors in 2011. I was at a pretty low point. I had just moved house and broken up with my boyfriend and I was feeling lonely. After browsing the internet I stumbled across this community and I joined shortly after. I never regretted that decision. By doing so, I made new friends and found all sorts of new merch from around the world.

I have completed at least one game in each generation. Here is my entire Pokemom game collection.

( Pokemon Emerald is hiding under my gen3 games. )

My Ds/3DS games with pre-order Lugia/giratina figures ( from pkmncollectors of course!)

As much as I would like to show my how my collection looks now, I have recently added a new piece of furniture for the rest of my games meaning my pokemon collection has been put into storage. However, my website has my entire pokemon collection that I documented before I put it away.

This is what I have around now.

One lone shelf full of my pokemon stuff. I basially put all my faveorite pieces up there.

My custom Charmeleon pokedoll, my custom shiny Dragonite by slothyshroom, my reversiabe Axew, 20th Pikachu. Talking Snivy Custom Noibat by bubble_rhapsody my custom Haxorus Bell plush, a few dragon zukans pokemon with you badges and a dratini bell plush.

( ingnoring all non pokemon merch!) My charmeleon bank, Groundon figure, gen 5 TCG figures, Charmander and Salamence chess pieces and my two Waza museum figures- Hydreigon and Axew.

TFGs which sit on the sheilf below ( Gyrados has been cut off...)

Top of my wardrobe

Random hammock full of plush with my Larvirar, Tyrunt and Goomy Tomy plush, HQ Eevee, my I <3 Pikachu + Raichu and my goggle head Pikachu.

That is sadly about it as I have run out of space. The rest is all put away for safe keeping until I find a way to display the lot. Not included are: My Greninja pokedoll and charzard which sit by the TV, My large Tomy Charizard on top of the bookcase ( he is surrunded by Digimon so he can't be photographed. ) My Banpesto Axew I got this April, my large 1:1 Goomy and my sleeping Tepig which is scattered around my room.

Lastly I show off my newest member of my collection:


I have a soft spot for Mew ever since I saw Pokemon: the first movie. I wanted this one plush to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. However, I never found one in store and I was NOT going to get one from eBay. So imagine my surprise when I went into a local game shop and found this lone Mew just hanging by a Pikachu and a Manaphy. I soon snatched that one up!

Thank you for reading my long post. Thank you to everyone who I have met over the last 5 years and here's to many more!

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