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Moving - Help me get these out of my house Sales - Low prices & LOTS! :))

Hello lovely comm!

This is the second time I'm making this post because I accidentally deleted everything. :')))

I am moving in 10 days to Colorado (I've officially made that public! Woohoo!) and the movers & packers came in like a whirlwind, leaving some items that I meant to ship and shipping some items I didn't want to have shipped.

So now I REALLY need to get these items OUT of my house. @__@ I simply cannot pack them in my suitcases. :(
Please help me get them OUT of my house! I've made some cheap lots with things from old sales, and also things I love but simply cannot bring with me.

Stuff is open to offers, as well as if you'd like to take everything, I'll give you a GREAT deal!! <3
I really just need these items gone, and some money to help with the move! :)

I also have EXes and full arts not pictured that I will sell for CHEAP and in bulk! Let me know if interested!

WAY more items under the cut!

IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpgIMG_1819.JPG

IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpg
IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpg


Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by by
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 24 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-Minimum of $4 domestic and $5 intl.
-Shipping starts at $2.54 for domestic purchases - since prices have gone down! :D UNLESS you'd like to have flats (flats only) shipped in an envelope.
-Shipping for International purchases starts $9.50 to Canada and at $13 everywhere else (I shipped a small item to Germany the other day and was VERY shocked that it cost $13 to ship! :(... ) - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-This is for non-flats. Flats seem to start at $2.50.
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, - sometimes less due to school being hectic! >_<
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!


English and Japanese holo and ace spec lot - $8

EX lot (with championship winning Mega Audino - expensive right now!) - $15

assorted leftover lot - $6
(Includes Gengar plush, various stickers, 2 pins, metal figures, other random figures, tattoo and metal charm)

Goodra MIP kid - $3

Various color mini models (including clear yellow, solid light orange, clear orange, dark orange)
Includes the elusive CLEFAIRY DOLL mini model. :)

Rare stickers/wrappers lot - $8

Dome stamper figures & Gacha lot - $6
(Includes kid figure, magnet, metal figure, blow up mega bracelet, stampers, mega stones, mini model etc)


JUMBO sized flats lot - $7
(Includes big sticker sheet, jumbo TCG promos, stickers, jumbo letter cards, other flats)


Coloring book flats LOT - $4

Hankerchief/notebook set - $6

Goodra/Dragon binder with ENTIRE Pokekyun set (commons/uncommons-rares but no ultra rares)

IMG_0046 (3).JPG Sylveon Binder, Sinnoh glittery notepad, Sycamore/Chespin stickers - $5 each
Luxray binder - $2
Or take notepad, lux binder, stickers for $10

Sold: Sylveon binder, Luxray binder

IMG_0060 (2).JPG
Bag of Wapz and Tazos - $6

IMG_0063 (2).JPGIMG_0065 (2).JPG
Rare Piano flat card lot (Includes Hawlucha box) - $8

IMG_0040.JPGIMG_0041 (2).JPG
Magazine, DVD, insert, Tretta lot - $8
Includes: magazine, exclusive SHINY Gyarados tretta, SEALED DVD, Gengar insert booklet


Tags: alakazam, altaria, ampharos, arbok, articuno, audino, bayleef, blastoise, breloom, chansey, charizard, charmander, chespin, dedenne, delcatty, eevee, fennekin, froakie, gengar, gogoat, gyarados, hawlucha, heracross, horsea, jynx, klefki, kyogre, lucario, ludicolo, lugia, luxray, manectric, mareep, mawile, mewtwo, mime jr, minun, moltres, muk, munchlax, noibat, pancham, pikachu, plusle, quilava, riolu, rotom, salamence, sceptile, skitty, sylveon, voltorb, wailord, wigglytuff, wobbuffet, zapdos
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