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Collection weeding - Auctions and Sales

Due to lack of space, I have decided to do some collection weeding and sell and auction off some doubles of my main collections. Up for auction are also 2 mirage plushies (Blastoise and Pikachu) because they also take up precious space. So, I think you people here might be able to appreciate them more than I can do :) If you want to enlarge the pictures, you can click on them. Also tagging guccishiny because I think they might be interested in some Rayquaza items.

Sales Banner final kleiner.jpg

Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 22 SEP 2014.
- All community rules apply
- My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raymence/
- No banned or non members
- Paypal only
- Shipping is from Germany. I ship worldwide.
- Items come from a smoke-free home. I own gerbils that don't touch the items. But be aware that gerbils lose tiny hairs if you're allergenic.

- Prices are in USD.
- Prices do not include Paypal fees or shipping. The buyer has to pay for these.
- Items will be shipped out after payment is cleared.
- Once a package is out of my hands at the post office, I'm no longer responsible for it in case it gets damaged or lost. If you want tracking, please inquire.
- Feel free to leave me feedback once your items have arrived. I'll do the same then.

- Please make sure whether you only ask for a quote or whether you are committed.
- Commitments get priority over quotes.
- Payment is required within 24 hours after I gave you a total.
- In case of a quote, also please tell me within that time if you'd like the item or not.

- The autions end 5 days from now - next Sunday, 21 AUG 2016, 18 PM in my local time.
Here's a timer: http://www.timeanddate.de/countdown/grafisch?iso=20160821T18&p0=168&msg=Raymence%27s+auctions&font=sanserif&csz=1


Mirage Blastoise plush - starts at 40$  -   very good condition; This guy is huge! Salamence kid for size comparison only. I think the eyes were placed the wrong way round onto the plush. It feels like the hard plastic is underneath. So someone who's good at sewing would maybe be able to turn them around and find out wether he has normal eyes or only white plain eyes.

Mirage Pikachu plush - starts at 15$ -   Salamence kid for size comparison only. Some scratches in the eyes and thread coming lose at the top. Again, someone skilled at sewing would probably be able to fix it quickly. Also, the previous owner washed it and it smells of washing detergent.

Rare big European Rayquaza figure - starts at 10$. The sound doesn't seem to be working. sold

European Rayquaza Evolution figure ["Zukan" (?)]  - starts at 10$. very good condition sold

Direct Sales:

another European Zukan - 4$. Has old glue on it... sold

Raticate kid - 2$
green self-inked Raticate stamper, still working - 3$
metal Raticates blue, gunmetal and (tarnished gold) - 5$ each
small Raticates - 2$ each
Rattata Tomy keychain figure, missing keychain part, paint loss - 1$

Raticate 3D paper model figure, missing one hand - 1$
Italian vintage Pikachu magnet - 2$
Italien vintage Meowth magnet - 3$

TCG box with scratches - 3$ sold
Mega Charizard Zukan, missing one flame from the moth - 2$
big Pikachu figure, very good condtion - 3$

The World Pokebox Tarot card - 5$, very good condition. The Devil is sold.

VS cards - 1$ each
stickers - 0,50$ each - haggling for these allowed, especially if you take more than one ^^

Tags: blastoise, houndoom, mew, pikachu, raticate, rattata, rayquaza, sales
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