Alexandra E. S. Johnson (pmxellos) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Alexandra E. S. Johnson

Huge sales update: Selling most of my pokemon cards!

Hi guys! I am sorry to be posting again so soon, but I have decided to add a huge section to my sales to include a large amount of pokemon cards! I am weeding out a large chunk of my cards and I have added them to the very end of my sales section. I am still undergoing the huge task of trying to price them  Ihave come to the realization that pricing all of them individually would take more hours then are in the day, but I am going to go by troll n toad pricing. It may be easiest to just say which cards you are interested in and ask for a quote have and I will price it directly off the website. I added a few cute plushes to, including a shinx pokedoll! Some prices dropped also.

Tags: azurill, buneary, charizard, chikorita, deoxys, eevee, loudred, sales, shinx, tcg
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