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Sales permission granted 7 Aug 15 by areica96
Feedback here:

*I ship from BC in Canada and only accept PayPal. Payments must be made in USD. No banned or non-community members allowed. *All community rules apply.
*I do ship internationally. Also, please ask for a quote, and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner as these costs might take a bit longer for me to estimate!
I do accept trades for items on my wants list. Haggling is okay, but please don't be offended if I decline.
*Important shipping notes: My shipping fees are based on the exact cost of shipping + my personal costs for the packaging (recycled if possible).
*Ask for tracking if you would like it.
International shipping starts at 7.00 for a package, 1.80 for flats in an envelope.
*I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods. Please make sure you get insurance/tracking if concerned.
*You may ask for a quote, and you will be given priority over other inquiries for 12 hours. If you do not respond within 12 hours after your post, then I will have to move onto the next person.
*If you commit to a purchase, I expect payment within 24 hours. If there's an issue, please speak to me, and we can work something out! Otherwise, backing out of a commitment may lead to negative feedback, and I really don't want to have to do that to anyone! Communication is the key.
*If there are any problems with your order, please let me know, and I will work to sort it out with you.
*My home is completely smoke and pet free.
*If you are worried about condition of items, please ask before purchasing! I do my best to note condition problems with the items, but one person's definition of good might not be another's definition. Always better to ask for more pictures!
*I can ship pretty much any week day
*Lastly, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Now onto the items!

Kyogre/ Team Aqua pencil board 8$
DX Banpresto Kyogre tto 50$
Banpresto Kyogre mwt (DP Era) 40$
Primal Kyogre mint w/ detached tag sold

Primal Kyogre handtowel 5$
Sharpedo footprint figure 5$
Kyogre charm 2$
Primal kyogre kid (comes w box) 8$
Kyogre legendary cries charm sold
Kyogre kid 3$
Small kyogre in front of regular kid 2$
Clear clipping figure Kyogre 5$
Coin bank Kyogre 12$
Rayquaza bracelet mip 15$
Rayquaza badge 12$

Wobbuffet pokedoll mwt 25$
Turtwig pokedoll mwt 25$
Bootie wooper pokedoll 8$
Zubat jakks 8$
Houndoom figure 5$
Crobat kid 2$
Entei pencil topper 3$
Torchic tin 8$
Skitty phone charm 10$
Slowpoke fcs 2$
Rayquaza holosparkle amada 4$
Garchomp poketime tin 8$

*pokemikke cup nfs*

Chimchar pokedoll mwt 22$
Bootie suicune pokedoll 5$
Treecko tto 10$
Umbreon (detached tag) 15$
Totodile tomy 8$
2$: camerupt, numelx2, golbat, clefairy
3$: groudon, treecko w arm up
4$: clear palkia, leafeon
Inkay tarot card 2$
Torkoal vs Roselia card 2$
Slowbro marble bag 5$
Kanto starters wallet 5$

Jumbo sealdass w Groudon 10$

Extra Numel and Camerupt pc charms mip 8$

Rayquaza chu big keychain 8$
Playing card for size ref only

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