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Short intro, gets, and wants

Hello all, I just recently joined the community so I figured I would introduce myself. I have been a fan of Pokemon since way back in Gen 1. I am new to collecting but I just recently got hooked after seeing all the footage from the new Sun and Moon games. With that said I figured I would show my recent gets as well as my wants (including my holy grail) pics and stuff under the cut

My recent gets

1: Mewtwo and Snorlax Pokedoll bootlegs 2: 2010 Snorlax Pokedoll with tag 3: 2011 Zorua Pokedoll 4: 2014 Darkrai Pokedoll (tag is put away) 5: 2014 Charmander Pokedoll (tag is put away)

My Wants

THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL: A legit Mewtwo Pokedoll. Was so excited to get it and the first one I get is a bootleg so this is my top priority

Mew Pokedoll (I do not care what version tag it has as long as it is legit)

All of the Deoxys form Pokedolls

Shaymin Land Form Pokedoll

Arceus Pokedoll

Keldo normal and Resolute form Pokedolls

Meloetta Pokedolls (both forms)

Genesect Pokedolls (normal and shiny)

Regular Pokedolls that are not Mythical

Froakie Pokedoll

Greninja Pokedoll

Munchlax Pokedoll

Zoroark Pokedoll

Okay I think that is enough for now lol. As you can see I have almost every mythical Pokedoll listed (You can see I have an affinity for Pokedolls in general). Any I have left out is because I can get them from the Pokemon Center website (for now) As for the rest of the wants well there is more than those I want but I did not wanna put too many pics. Thank you for taking the time to read and look my post over :) I look forward to making new friends and all the collecting I am going to do.
Tags: arceus, charmander, darkrai, deoxys, froakie, genesect, greninja, keldeo, meloetta, mew, munchlax, shaymin, snorlax, zoroark, zorua
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