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Huge Back from Japan SALES + Quick AUCTION

Konnichiwa Everyone~
I was in Japan for about two months this summer and I truly had a great time there! I was also able to get some really cool Pokemon merchandises and I thought I would make a sales/auction post with the things I bought in Japan! This is not everything though :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback ishttp://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

sale rules:

- I ship using USPS
- I ship from California, US and will ship internationally :)
- will NOT sell to a banned member
- I reserve the right not to sell to you or ban you from my journal if I feel that you are trustworthy, have been rude to me, have neutral/negative feedback, have not read my rules.
- I am not a fast shipper!
- All payments in USD.
- Only accepting payments through paypal.
- Items come from a smoke free and a pet free home.
- I can put items on hold for 24 hours.
- Buyer must pay within 24 hours after purchase.
- After the package leaves my hands (shipped) then I am not responsible for lost packages
- all PKMNcollectors Rules apply.
- Item goes to the person who commits first
- If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
- I will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damage to the item once it has been sent out.
- I have a minimum of purchase of $3 for U.S and $4 international
- International Customers: Shipping starts at $13.
- US Customers: Shipping starts at $2.45.

thank you for your consideration

For the Auction, I have some rare things like Totodile and Charmander Plushplush, Pokedoll Cup, 4th Generation Starters Mini Pokedoll Set, Pokemon Time Optical Mobile Mouse and ANA Airplane Model!

Preview of the Auction Items:

Auction will end this Saturday (08/20) at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time!! You can bid on these items on this post!

Preview of the Brand New SALES from JAPAN: CLICK on any of the pictures to be transported!
(Or You can click here or on this link http://haepbrosonearth.livejournal.com/2652.html)

FullSizeRender 12
FullSizeRender 17
FullSizeRender 21FullSizeRender 39
2001 Totodile PLUSHPLUSH TTO

Starts @ $80

FullSizeRender 20
FullSizeRender 30
FullSizeRender 42FullSizeRender 10
2001 Charmander PLUSHPLUSH TTO

Starts @ $80

FullSizeRender 24
MIP 4th Generation Starters Mini Pokedoll Set

Starts @ $20

FullSizeRender 22
FullSizeRender 32
FullSizeRender 34
Unused 2005 Pokedoll Cup

Starts @ $10

FullSizeRender 36
MIP Mudkip+Torchic+Treecko Pokemon Time Optical Mobile Mouse

Starts @ $20

ANA Pokemon Plane Model

Starts @ $12

Thank you for reading! 
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