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Charms Sales and Auctions


How's everyone doing? Haven't made a post here in a few months, but lurking and commenting here and there. I've been waiting until I was able to revamp my sales post, but I've just been too lazy to take everything out and then put them all back again, lol. So for now, I've just been photographing some of my charms that I'd like to put up for sale/auction here.

Sales Policy
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched in 2013.
- Feedback:
- All prices are in USD.
- If you are allergic to dogs or dust, please buy at your own risk!
- If you are pedantic about tags or condition of items, please ask before committing.
- No trades accepted.
- I ship from Australia.
- All international shipping will be tracked, which means that they will not be shipped as flats unless asked.
- I am a slow shipper usually.
- Once a package has been shipped, I am not responsible for it.
- Economy air mail is optional, so some items can be shipped as flats, but if you want it shipped untracked and uninsured, there will be no refunds should it get lost.

Auction Policy
- No deleting or editing bids. Please consult with me first.
- No sniping. The 5 minute extension rule applies.
- Any deleting bids will be met with a negative feedback, and a ban from future auctions and sales.
- Auctions end on Friday, August 26th at 9am ACDT. Click here for countdown timer.

More of my rules can be found in my permanent sales post here:
I would recommend reading them just to be thorough.

Here's a preview of what I'm selling:

For auction:

IMG_2515 (Custom).JPG
- Each will be sold as a set.
- Only the Pokedoll charms can be split.

For sale:

IMG_2525 (Custom).JPGIMG_2535 (Custom).JPG
- Each will be sold as a set.

Items on auction:

IMG_2518 (Custom).JPG
1. Pokemon Kakurenbo Set - Starts at $5

IMG_2517 (Custom).JPG
2. Pokemon Center Tohoku Anniversary Charm Set - Starts at $5

IMG_2512 (Custom).JPG
3. Pokemon Center Pichu/Tufty Pichu/Houndour Pokedoll Charms - Each starts at $100

IMG_2520 (Custom).JPG
4. Pokemon Center Fukuoka Re-opening Charm Set - Starts at $5

IMG_2521 (Custom).JPG
5. Pokemon Center Metal Relief Charizard and Mewtwo Keychains - Each starts at $20

IMG_2519 (Custom).JPG
6. Pokemon Center Nagoya Renewal Golden Magikarp Charm Set - Starts at $10

IMG_2523 (Custom).JPG
7. Charizard Pokemon Center Promotion Keychain - Starts at $20

IMG_2513 (Custom).JPG
8. Pokemon Center 2012 Shiny Rayquaza Lottery Charm - Starts at $50

Items for sale:

IMG_2527 (Custom).JPG
Each of the above is $10.
SOLD: Onemuri Pikachu strap

IMG_2526 (Custom).JPG
Each of the above is $10.

IMG_2540 (Custom).JPG
Each of the above is $10. Charizard is $5.

IMG_2538 (Custom).JPG
Opened Shaymin charms are $5 for the pair.

IMG_2531 (Custom).JPG
Pokemon Center Online pin - $20
Pokemon Center Pair Pikachu charms - $50

IMG_2528 (Custom).JPG
Pokemon Center Pikachu charm set - $8
Pokemon Center Kalos Starters Pokedoll charm set - $20

IMG_2530 (Custom).JPG
Pokemon Center Christmas 2012 Daruma charm set - $15
Pokemon Center Scramble U charms - $5 each

IMG_2532 (Custom).JPG
Pokemon Time Corsola strap - $5
Pokemon Center Tradition Japanese design pin badges - $3 each Sold
Dragonite Pokedoll charm - $15
Custom Mew charm - $5

IMG_2524 (Custom).JPG
Genesect Pokedoll charm set - $15

IMG_2529 (Custom).JPG
Pokemon Center Rainbow Series pins - $2 each
Sold: Dittochu, Flying Pikachu

IMG_2536 (Custom).JPG
IMG_2537 (Custom).JPG
Dex Charm sets (will not split any set unless each charm is committed to)
- Single charms - $6
- Double charms - $8
- Triple charms - $10

SOLD: Cyndaquil set, Suicune
On hold: Magikarp set

Any charms not listed below apply as prices above: (JD = Johto Dex (black backing); ND = National Dex (grey backing))
- JD Mew - $15
- JD Mewtwo - $15
- JD Eeveelution set - $50
- JD Nidoran M set - $25
- ND Groudon - $8
- ND Kyogre - $8

Thanks for viewing and hope you guys enjoy the end of your winter/summer!
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