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I´m the next one who break up my collections - rare stuff up for auction!

Hey everyone! <3

It seems that more and more people stop collecting or decide to weed out their beloved main collections...even big collectors and sometimes it´s kinda shocking or very surprising at least. I know, the reasons can be different of course, it can be a personal thing, money issues or space problems or whatnot.

I think it´s often also a very personal thing, maybe a personal problem we collectors might have, to see and think materialistic. Don´t get me wrong! I don´t wanna make anyone here bad or collectors or pokemon in generel!!! I will also keep the things I love, love pokemon and will not leave the comm! I just realised the difference between having things in my heart and seeing the material worth of things - and that I enjoyed pokemon in my childhood on a very different level and that the material worth of things isn´t what I need or want in my life.

But when finding this community and seeing all the cute stuff the pokemoncenter brings out and also all the nostalgic stuff I haven´t seen before (I´m more a nostalgic lover and collector) it was very tempting to me to start collecting them all! After I finally decided which I wanna have as my main collections (which are Raichu, Caterpie line, Heracross and Ledyba), I started to search for figures, plush and others I don´t have and bought what I could find, also using the expensive way of yahoo!japan, but also the comm of course and ebay. My main collections got bigger and I felt kinda proud of them! Also I began to display each collection separately until they kinda look like an army lol. I wanted to have ALL figures esp. of the caterpie line and heracross, which are my most most favourite bug pokemon ever! It was kinda cool to see how many old merch of them exists (since they aren´t that popular)! I also have figures I don´t really like, but ever felt that I cannot give them away, since they´re part of the whole collection lol.

Now I feel for me personally, it´s kinda stupid to be proud of material things so I finally wanna part with this kind of collecting and really keep only the things I love and display them so that they look nice to me, not to feel beeing proud as a collector, not to feel that it´s only worthy when I have many of them or a complete collection or so. I don´t need to have all of the pokemon I like, just to show that I like it (to myself and others)!

I think I prefer wanna enjoy the few things I have, which I´m attached to in a good way, which I really love, without thinking to need it. I just wanna be honest to myself, cause there are some things I´m not really attached to. Giving up that false attachment and materialistic thinking really feels so good! I don´t do it because of space problems or money issues! But I also like how my small collection looks now! :)

EDIT: I made the text under a cut now since it was so long! x_x
Anyway, I made everything up for auction now (phew that was hard work! xD SO hard to decide which ones I let go and which ones I keep!!) There is some rare stuff with a cheap start price! Also many Bugs and Raichus!! But also other popular pokemon! Just take a look! :)

- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- All prices are without shipping & paypal fees
- I accept Paypal only
- Shipping is without insurance and without tracking - please tell me if you want insurance & tracking! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost packages!

   > flats: 1,00$ - 1,60$
   > non-flats: 4,00$

Auction will start now for 7 days. TIMER: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20160826T00&p0=981&font=cursive&csz=1

All here is in very good condition! Only the metal figures look very used.
- Old caterpie pin with package starts@4$
- Ledyba kid + Ledyba tomy starts both@1$
- CLEAR ivysaur kid starts@2$
- CLEAR venonat kid starts@2$
- CLEAR butterfree kid starts@5$
- Rare Son&Franco Gloom figure starts@4$
- Espeon pokemontime tin starts@5$
- Raichu bank figure starts@5$
- Raichu keyring figure newish with tag starts@5$
- Raichu XY kid with package, mint starts@3$
- Raichu attack kid start@2$ (sry the other Raichu kid on the pic isn´t for sale!)
- Raichu gashapon figure with moveable legs starts@5$
- Raichu orange rubber figure (like new) starts@3$
- Pichu + Pikachu roller stamps (works!) start both @3$
- Raichu tomy keychain starts@4$
- Heracross normal kid starts@2$
- Heracross attack kid starts@2$
- Heracross rare gashapon figure with moveable arms starts@4$
- Heracross rare hollow figure (like kid, but smaller) starts@3$
- Heracross V-trainer figure starts@3$
- Cyndaquil, Lugia & Ho-Oh battlemuseum figures start all @3$ each
- Heracross keychain starts@2$ (shipping: 1,60$ as flat)
- Ledyba minicot figure starts@2$
- Fennekin charm (like new) starts@2$ (shipping: 1,60$ as flat)
- All metal figures starts@2$ each (green caterpie, gold caterpie, darker colored metapod, gold butterfree)

- Hasbro mareep (tush tag only) in used, but good and clean condition! starts@15$
- Ledyba NIP pokeball-plush (some parts were glued on since they falled off, otherwise good!) starts@10$
- Ledyba Friends plush tush tag only, used, but good condition starts@4$

- This is a thin A5papersheet from a japanese old book. It´s an umbreon on it so I thought someone might want it!
starts@2$ (shipping: 1$)

Tags: auction, butterfree, caterpie, cyndaquil, espeon, fennekin, gloom, heracross, ho-oh, kids, ledyba, lugia, mareep, metal figures, metapod, pichu, pikachu, plush, pokemon center, raichu, umbreon
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