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Long time no see! (Re-intro and my collection)

It's been well over a year (maybe 2?!) since I last posted in the comm, so I figured I'd do a short reintroduction and show my collection, since I finally had some time today to set it all up and take a few pics. :)

So hey, I'm Ribby, and I've been lurking on the comm for years now! I can't actually remember what year I joined, but my guess is I've been here on-and-off for maybe 6 years? Possibly more/less, I'm not sure.

But anyway! My main collection is the Jigglypuff line (mostly just Jigglypuff though), and I've been collecting bits here and there since I was a little kid. I'm not sure what to say about why I collect Jigglypuff, other than it being my favourite Pokemon! Over the past few years I haven't been as intense about collecting as I used to be, but I still love my collection very much. I'm always on the lookout for other things to add to my collection, so if you have any Jigglypuff line items for sale, do let me know! :3 (Currently not looking to buy flats at the moment, sorry!)

Here's a preview of my collection and my fave pieces, but check under the cut for a few bigger pics~



Some close-ups since it's kind of difficult to fit them all into one pic :') Apologies about the quality not being super great, I used my phone! :x


So these are pretty much all my flats/misc Jiggly-line items, excluding trading cards/topps. :3 All of this stuff, with the exception of the customs on the right and the two woolly hats, has been purchased over the years from the comm! I think my faves are the fork & spoon set, and the tiny ceramic plates. Super cute!

Aaand onto the main collection...




And that's about it! All of my collection so far! I really need to get round to photographing pieces individually. x.x It's difficult since my collection tends to stay in storage most of the time, as I have nowhere in my room to display them properly - having slanted walls means no shelves. :( But these pics will do for now!

So yeah, thanks for reading, and thank you to many of you in the community who have helped me build this collection over the years. <3

What Pokemon do you collect? Are there any other Jigglypuff line/fairy collectors out there? ^^
Tags: collection update, jigglypuff
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