rarity_skye (rarity_skye) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Birthday get!/Looking for some stuff

Okay so this is pretty late cause this happened way back in june but like i still needed to post this. A friend of mine baught me the pokebox sylveon and glaceon acrylic charms and asked them to leave a happy birthday note. The artist sent something a little more awesome than that.

This little doodle was easily one of the coolest things i'd gotten for my birthday. Its hard to mistake that art style!
Anyways onto the true point of this post! I'm looking for some goodies for other people. Some surprises if you will, birthday and otherwise.

I'm looking for a totodile plush. Anything will do as long as its not a bootleg and won't break the bank. Preferably a pokedoll but i'm mildly concerned about how much pokedoll totodile costs so if anyone can hook me up with any decent sized totodile plush that'd be awesome. And then i'm looking for the below pictured tin for my little sisters birthday.

Also i saw this little guy on ebay and it said it was a preorder. If anyone can give me more information on it or even sell it to me for under $30 that'd be awesome.

Thankies in advance!~
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