random_couch (random_couch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets and Want update

Hello again to all. Just figured I would post another get update as well as put it out there that right now getting that Mewtwo Pokedoll is my top priority. So here are my new gets and one specific want

My new gets

Charizard 2014 Pokedoll US (tag is put away)

Diancie 2014 Pokedoll US (tag is put away)

Tyrunt 2014 Pokedoll US (tag is put away)

My only want as of right now  (yes I am that determined to have him)

The Mewtwo Pokedoll is my Holy Grail.....so much so now that I do not want any other Pokedoll untill I have him

So there is my update for you guys. Yes I probably sound crazy but I cannot help it :)
Tags: charizard, diancie, mewtwo, tyrunt
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