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I've gone creative and some gets from japan!

I made this post to show some new cuties off I just added to my collection and I'm due for a big rearranging and updated collection post sometime soon I just never seem to get around to it.

But first things first I went to the tattoo and toy convention in Cardiff and met a fellow pkmncollector from here I even got to tattoo her and it was so much fun, she had me tattoo the cutest lil jiggly puff on her, thank you Alice!
I did 2 other pokemon tattoos that convention but I don't think any were done on any members here but if I did tattoo a jolteon or psyduck on you let me know I'd love to see your collections!

I'm unsure if it's allowed to post photo's of tattoos I've made so I won't but if anyone wants to see I'll gladly share a link.

Now for the first unveiling my most recent package from Japan and it was a good one!

Look at this dapper lil pupper I just couldn't resist it's smug face :D

Then we have this total derpface, I wasn never too into the ditto plushies but when I saw a vulpix was coming out I just couldn't resist, he's the derpiest lil derp And I shall name him Derpix!

The new kuttari got to my wallet next, such cuties I almost regret not getting a sleepy cubone aswell but I'm so running out of space :D

And here is the whole family togther! they did come with 2 clearfiles the espeon and pichu one, as I don't collect those I'm not sure if i'll keep them but they are hella cute though :D

And then there is the other matter, the fact that i fell in love with the new Alola Vulpix and Ninetales, they are just divine!
now I've never made plushies before, but when I saw these i just had to try, keep in mind this is just the prototype and my first plushy ever I will make a better minky version as soon as I find some time but I wanted to show her off already anyway and maybe hear from other plushie creators

So if you've ever made a plush any wisdom you'd like to share and what was the first plush you ever made :)?

I tried to make this based of the kuttari a little for the body but it didn't come out that kuttari like yet, still I like it and the minor adjustments I want to make in teh final version would be better paws, little lighter inner ear and better head and tail fluff.

She's now made out of fleece and stays together pretty good eventhough a lot of people have held her and played around with her so I'm happy about that! I didn't know how good my stitching was so I took her along to an event as a test :)

Tags: cubone, custom, ditto, growlithe, vulpix
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