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Possible Bootleg or Mirage plush?

Hello everyone! I'm new and this is my first post in the community! So greetings!! I'm cleaning out my toys/plush and building up a pile of pokemon stuff I'd like to sell one day and I came across these:

I got these about 16 years ago during a trip to Mexico. I was wondering if you guys know if these are bootleg or mirage....I remember when we got them they had several pokemon all fashioned in the same style. I remember when I was little thinking it was the real thing...Then I got older and was like lol this is fake....or is it?????They're little pouches with zipper openings in the back. They have these neat little straps on the back. I used to use them to put change in the pouch.
They're about 5 inches tall. The Jigglypuff still has a tag, but I ripped off Dragonite's tag years ago lol... Any information on this would be much appreciated and helpful! Thanks!
Sorry I'm having problems uploading and inserting cuts on mobile. I'm trying to fix the pictures sorry!
I found this post
which has a dragonite similar to mine listed as mirage. Theirs looks like its just a plush not a zipper-pouchy-keychain like mine. Is mine a bootleg off of a mirage? Lol or is it mirage-mirage after all? This is so confusing but I appreciate your help!
Tags: dragonite, jigglypuff, mirage, mirage plush, plush
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