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Unova Girls Acrylic Blind Charms GB - Claims Needed!

Hello friends!

I've hit an unexpected roadblock with my Snivy collection recently. The Pokémon Center released a new Trainers promotion featuring the girls of Unova (plus Cynthia lol) in a cute chibi artwork based in Undella Town! And how could the PC have a promotion if there weren't BLIND PACKAGED CHARMS TO RUIN EVERYONE'S DAY:

Actual picture provided by gaarasyami of 2 of them: (these are available for sale from them as well if you miss the claims!)

I really need the Heroine/Snivy charms in my life, but they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Y!J, eBay, and even Pokévault don't have them. (I emailed Brian and he doesn't plan on stocking this promo?!)

gaarasyami is willing to buy a whole box, which guarantees one of each charm, if all claims are filled, so I'm posting on their behalf to see if there would be enough interest to make this Group Buy a success!

-To see gaarasyami's general sales rules, permission, and pickups posts (highly recommend them if you would want more than just a charm from this GB from the Pokemon Center) follow the link HERE. Payment will be sent to them!

-PRICES: $9/charm ; $3.50 to ship 1-2 charms, $4 to ship 3-4 charms

-Payment will ONLY be due if we get FULL CLAIMS on every charm in the set! Payment is required within 24 hours after we confirm if there are full claims.

-You are welcome to combine other items from the Pokemon Center if you contact gaarasyami after you pay for the charm(s).

-These charms are BLIND PACKAGED so the boxes will be opened to see which character is inside!


***I think Elesa's Emolga is a Ditto? It has the Ditto smiley face?***
***$9 PER CHARM***

Heroine/Snivy: princess_snivy
Heroine/Snivy Round: princess_snivy
Caitlin/Reuniclus Round:astron
Elesa/Emolga Round:squeakaree
Skyla/Swanna Round:wobbuwhit
Cynthia/Spiritomb Round: aarux
Shauntal/Chandelure Round:b4ckbone

Thanks everyone, I hope we can make this work!
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