annahino (annahino) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Buying Lot

Hey! I hope my post is allowed!

Im new and i have a question to all of you. (Also a friend of mine asking the same thing).
I collect anime figures and i always buy 1 figure, maybe 2 tops from the auction.
Now me and my friend looking to get ourself into collecting specific pokemon merch (i love Mew, eevee, espeon, skitty & flareon ofc)
And we went to yahoo jp (he buy mostly figures and i buy dollfie stuff) and we came across this auction (it already ended so by rules its allowed)

It ended around 180 dollar o.o
And its a LOT!
So we have a few questions for you all as poke merch pros!

1. Why it got sold for 180$?
2. Why to buy a HuGe LOT where you cant even know what merch is it?
3. How you guys/girls identify at least some of the items in lots sales similar to this?

Thank you for any help!
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