bamwowza (bamwowza) wrote in pkmncollectors,

is there anyone still looking for this plush?

hey all! I saw this noibat plush at walmart & remembered a few people that really wanted it, so in case there are people still looking for it I can do a pick-up for it!

I'm not sure how much they go for usually & didn't see a price on them so I can't really give an estimate 😓

There's: Mega-Lucario, Pancham, wobbuffet, noibat, & those patchwork pikachus or w/e

- Sales permission given by areica96 on Feb 28th 2016

- My feedback!

- I ship from Texas

- shipping internationally is a pain, but since the ppl probably looking for this plush are out of the US I'll do it!

Tags: noibat, pancham, pikachu, wobbuffet
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