frankthepug0487 (frankthepug0487) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More TRU Goodies!

The always amazing agentspectre sent me some more pics the other day with even more new merch heading into your local TRU stores (and they might be there now!)


Yeah got your attention huh? Unfortunately Victini is register locked until Sep're not gonna be able to get him early.

Other stuff includes lots and lost of Pokeball merch including some new plush balls, and some "Throw and Pop" styled Pokeballs which fly open and violently eject a Pokemon out...kind of like those old ones with the keychains!

It's pretty exciting seeing more merch coming out, especially as we head into the holiday season. Many stores are doing their fall resets now, so you might find a bunch of things at one, and not much at another.

Happy hunting!
Tags: charizard, chespin, cubone, pikachu, pokemon
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