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Dusknoir collection~

Heyoo community!

I was making a wishlist for reference for myself (It's WIP at the moment on my profile if anyone was curious or wanted to see a pile of different Dusk merch) and I thought I'd share a quick little Dusknoir collection post for fun~ I still need to do a whole collection post sometime but imma tidying my room to ease in more space so it will take a while. I'm hoping that I can look back on this too in the future and see how much my collection has grown. There's probably some other items I have that feature a cameo of Duskull or Dusclops that aren't here but this is really more focused on Dusknoir to be honest. I'm hoping to try and maybe get as many Dusknoir items as I can in the future, or at least the more unique ones that don't use stock artwork :V

(picture heavy!)   PinRS355.gif gosh i hope the cut works


The whole shabam! I'm happy enough with what I have so far but there's always room for more duskdusks :>


The tote bag features every ghost Pokémon up to Gen 6! I took it out to look at but I'm unsure if I want to use it incase it gets dirty. I'd totes love to show it off though~ There's a few others from the set that I might get sometime.


Dusknoir in the Mystery Dungeon manga. I'm quite chuffed to have it phyiscally!


Dusknoir pages and cover in this tiny book. I think it's meant to have a keychain on the spine but this one didn't have it.


Some pages from the Pokémon Pedigree Annual 2010 featuring Dusknoir's deput episode,"Ghoul Daze"! For the longest time I thought it was called "Ghost Daze" whelp. A few other pages from it that have Duskull are there too.

Sinnoh Dex in the Pokémon Pedigree Annual 2011. I think there's an error in the Dex on another page where two Pokémon names in the same line were accidentally swapped. It might have been Ryhorn and Rhydon :V


Dusknoir and Sigiliph duo TCG set. I was looking for Flashfire boosters in Forbidden Planet (no shop sells em anymore) and came across this randomly. Cards are placed directly behind the counter so it's awkward to see. I asked to look at a Mega Gengar blister (that I think contains a Flashfire booster) and when the seller moved to pick it up I saw this by itself in the very back. I don't think I'll open it, or not now anyway. Imma just looking random flashfires to see if I can get a Dusknoir card even if it's more productive to just buy a single card than a pack o>o'''
Still, this has very pretty packaging! Give em the ol razzle dazzle!

The other TCG pack in my main photo (I never took any closeups) has a Japanese version of this card.

Sooo that's everything! ...apart from these custom items below :D


Duskull felt keychain and a Dusknoir necklace! Both got at different cons~  The only time I wear jewelery is when it has a freaking ghost on it ;;
There's also an Aggron necklace I got with the Dusknoir one :>


Mystery Dungeon print at the top got from a printing website.

Pokémon Doujinshi to the left that features a Dusknoir and a few other mon such as; Aegislash, Hydreigon, Xatu, Sableye, Chandelure, Scizor and Bisharp. The Subway Train Leaders also show up in one or two panels on one page which was a surprise. Very short but has cute art inside! I can't read it but it seems to take place at a fireworks festival, possibly New Years? I saw another Dusk doujinshi by the same seller but it seems to be a slash comic (and based on other doujinshi the seller had it could be quite R rated so I'll pass).

Commissioned drawing in middle bought at a con! I was going to ask a few people to draw Dusknoir but became shy so I only asked one when I was buying a print from them. I'm super happy with how this came out it really makes up for not having a few others!

Ghost Pokémon original on right from aguii-chan! I think it was part of her Inktober drawings.

Whelp that's all! Here's to the future!! <3 9 Dusknoir.png
Thanks for looking!

Also I'm wondering if there exists a Dusknoir settei? Possibly not but I've come across a Meowth dressed as a Bannette settei and Meowth does dress as a Banette in the Dusknoir deput episode, "Ghoul Daze". There probably isn't one and Mewoth has dressed as a Banette in a few other episodes I think so the chances of there being one are very low.

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