twinseeds (twinseeds) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Belated Introduction

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a member of this community for a few years now but never properly introduced myself or posted anything of my collection. I’ve decided I want to change all that. After all, what’s the fun of collecting things if you can’t share it with other people? (Ok, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of fun in it regardless, but still!)

My name’s twinseeds, or Katherine if you prefer, and I’m a 23-year-old Pokemon fan. My favorite types are Electric, Ghost, and Grass, and my favorite Pokemon is Rotom, followed by Ampharos and Golurk. My favorite Gen 7 Pokemon revealed so far are Mimikyu and Lurantis (plus Pokedex Rotom of course), and I can’t wait for their merch! My collection isn't focused on anything in particular though, just pretty much anything I like (and can afford...)

I collect all sorts of toys, but Pokemon makes up the bulk of my collection, mostly in the form of plushies.

I also (semi)casually collect cards. I play the TCG, but usually only online or during pre-release tournaments, so my IRL collection is mostly for fun and not competitive. Many of my cards are from when I was a kid, too, and hardly of use in any current rotation.

With the card-collecting addiction comes a slight pin-collecting addiction, especially since I have a general pin collection from traveling. I don’t devote too much effort to maintaining my Pokemon pin collection though, especially with the release of so many great looking pins on the pokemoncenter website. It gets expensive! If I had the funds though, I’d buy up every single one!

I also like to collect figures, mostly due to the lack of space they take up compared to plushies. Living in a fairly small apartment, I can appreciate that.

Most recently, I got to stop by the Worlds shop and pick up some exclusive stuff. My favorite thing I got is the blanket, it's so soft.

Thanks for reading! It's nice to finally introduce myself. I hope to post more regularly, starting now!
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