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Small in-case figs GA - Payments 2 and 3 + extras available!

Hello guys!

Today I received package with our figures!

This post concerns:
eevee_evs_lover, agui_chan, bamwowza, dezchu, aarux, feraligatrdan, tifflesarcanine, mandamaeh, shelbert67, haepbrosonearth

You'll find your total in the spreadhsheet below (light-blue column, Payment 2&3), please check the special notes next to your total!


There's still few extras available:

Prices in the cut here:

In-case Sandshrew - $1
In-case Lickytung - $1
In-case Chansey - $1
In-case Moltres - $2
In-case Starmie - $1
In-case Squirtle - $2
In-cube Treecko - $2
In-cube Mudkip (2) - $3
Pokemon Party - Jynx - $4

If you'd like any of these let me know in the comment below, they'll cover cost of packing materials for GA participants etc.

If you have any questions let me know!

Thanks for looking! :D
Also sorry for so boring posts lately, I'm working on collection update (I have few new collections! and tons of stuff to show you :D), stay tunned ^o^
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