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Collection update!

So it's been a looong time since I last put an update of my collection. Here it is!

So first, my Raichu place :D

I got the Pikachu in a sleeping bag from my boyfriend very recently :D
But I still have a soft spot for the banpresto laying Raichu. So soft!

Here a bit of everything:

Banpresto Eeveelutions I got at Japan Expo :D And a lot of other plushies- it's so hard to focus my collecting on only a couple of Pokémon..
I plan to get the SanEi Poliwag to go with my Poliwhirl and Shinx to go with my Luxray.

Next, the Kanto starters (and other Pokémon)!

I really need the PC Bulbasaur plush and the Venausaur pokédoll..
And I'm also planning on getting the kororin Venausaur, Blastoise and Charizard.. Maybe.
Underneath, quite random plush again.

The pokédoll section!

I very recently got the Cyndaquil secret base one and I'm soooooooo happy I could get all the staters in this collection! Not sure yet if I'll buy the Ditto and Swablu ones..
My favourite pokédolls are Vanillite, Whimsicott, Weavile and...

Mismagius!! I just got it and it's my absolute favourite! I had been chasing after one since I started collecting a bit more seriously. And I finally have one!!

Anyway, it's my Pikachu poncho collection so far- I know I'm late. I have lots to buy yet!
+ A part of my Pokémon Petit collection :)

And to finish:

I <3 Mew, and I <3 gothic Gengar.
Some Cubone- with (soon) the SanEi one!
My Scraggy and Vulpix collections :D
I'm just starting collecting Banette: I'm going to buy the PC plush, but I'm looking for the I <3 gothic one for the moment..
My Growlithe collection is growing too, I have to buy the kuttari plush as of yet, and I'm looking for the Grwolithe and Arcanine banpresto plush!

Thanks for looking and happy collecting!
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