Hey (chronidu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTED: Pokemon World's Championship 2016 Guest Badge/lanyard?

Okay so perhaps a bit of an odd request, but I was wondering if anyone who got to attend this years World's Championship happened to have a spare Guest badge they'd be willing to sell?

I was lucky to be able to go for a bit with my Fiance's help, but unfortunately due to my healthy being poor lately I was only able to be there for a couple hours, and missed out on grabbing a guest badge the day I attended.

Lanyard is not necessary but would also be rad!

There's a set of all 3 spectators lanyards up on ebay currently BIN at 50 shipped, so would $10-ish be a fair price for a single guest badge?

Also I have a preference for Friday if you have it as that's the day we attended but am I happy to consider any of the guest badges at all <3

Also shipping would be to US 94121, thanks in advanced for any help getting one of these badges!

Tags: wanted
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