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September Modpost - Reminders and Rule Changes

It's been a while hasn't it? No we're not dead, mods have just been busy with real life things! Today we have a few rule reminders as well as a rule modification and two new additions.

Rule Updates
Effective immediately, the 35 day rule has been updated to the 60 day rule. With the change in time PayPal gives to dispute (a whole 180 days) the 35 day rule has become outdated. We have upped it to 60 just so each party has time to contact the seller and/or moderators to fix the situation.

This rule does not effect Group Auctions! - If there is a problem with the time limit on items in a Group Auction please contact your GA runners and moderators immediately.

Rule Additions

PayPal Disputes
We have added a part about PayPal disputes since this has become an issue. If a user has opened a PayPal dispute in relation to a sale made on the community (PM sales do not count as they are not on comm and under sanction of the moderators) without first contacting the seller and then contacting the moderator team we will be placing a temporary ban on that user.

There is absolutely no need to open a dispute before contacting either the seller or the mods. If this happens multiple times we will be handing out permanent bans. Period. PayPal disputes are a very serious deal and should be used as a last resort only if the seller has not kept up with communication.

This also means that buyers need to opt for faster shipping or insurance on their packages. If you are worried about an item getting lost, get a tracking number or insurance!

Sellers, you should all be keeping a record of shipment. This means keep any and all paperwork related to your sales, it can mean the difference between winning and losing a PayPal dispute!

Claims Posts
We have added a rule for sellers regarding claims posts. At this time a member may only have 2 of either claims, GAs or GBs open at any time (not 2 GAs, 2 GBs or 2 claims, 2 combined). Claims that are ongoing are not effected by this new rule. Here is an example of the sort of claims post we are talking about. This is not related to the amount of items you can claim in a GA/GB. Hope that clears up some confusion!

This rule also is for two separate lots. Multiples of the same claims is fine (like in the example linked above).

★ For anyone who hasn't seen yet, feedback is back up! We had an issue with our host but everything should be fixed now

★ Please remember to keep up to 4 pictures outside of cut limits! All the people who live in the boonies with really slow internet will thank you.

★ Leave any other suggestions / questions in the comments below!
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