Tekirai (tekiraboshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

it's been 10,000 years...

I've been part of this comm for a few years now and yet this is my first collection post r i p

for those who don't know me (ie like everyone) hi i'm tekirai!! how are you all. i'm 22 and from northern ireland, but I spend a lot of my time in england these days! my favourite pokemon is definitely MEOWSTIC - sry espeon bb you got dethroned - but I have a bunch of other faves too! I don't post a lot because reasons, but I have a good excuse to now that all of my collection is finally in one place. it's very hastily arranged and photo'd because most of this had been in my student home and this space wasn't originally there for it to go into once I moved back home ;w; aaand I'm jetting off to england again tomorrow so maybe... one day I will arrange it properly. for now it'll have to sit and gather dust while i live in a tiny room with The Chosen Few sob sniff

I was always quite a casual collector and only want items that I like, and it's been a good few years for me collectionwise! I've managed to find every single item I've been after save for one, and I can say I'm fairly content with my collection at the moment. pound sterling is so dire right now that I think the timing was convenient anyway. orz

so you wouldn't BELIEVE what my favourite merch items are. nope not at all



my favourites out of my pokedolls HAVE to be mismagius whimsicott and togekiss, they're just so cute. I love the style of pokedolls in general and will be very bitter if it turns out they're going to cease to be a thing anymore, I want all three alola starter pokedolls pls


I used to not like kids because I'm generally not a figure person at all - I like to pick up and hold my collection and look at it from different angles and this is a lot more pleasant with plush imo - but they grew on me over time. they're great for when you like a pokemon even just the tiniest bit and want a small, cheaper representation in your gang! despite of all that, I still do have some figures that I think just looked too cool to pass on.


I started to tack all my clearfiles on the wall before I realised the blu-tak was putting marks in the chalk paint ;0; buuut these are staying there for now. this is the kind of arrangement I always envisioned having when I started to get properly into pokemon merchandise! this is the stuff of 10 year old me's dreams.


foot-of-the-bed pokes (ft. a sneaky pepper)! oshawott is my favourite first-stage starter so I decided if I was going to own ANY 1:1 starter it'd be them! I love the sleeping fennekin too tho *^* and the big meowstics are so soft and pettable, oh my gosh.

there's honestly a bit more to this collection, but it's kind of scattered randomly around the place. my newest additions are the its'demo espeon cushion (I'll be selling the sylveon one.......eventually) and espeon+umbreon mascot but they're packed away right now. I'm a sucker for bags and purses so I have a few pokemon ones I'll maybe share images of another time! I also have a box of mascot plush I had pinned to a big pinboard in my student house that have nowhere to be pinned to here, so I need to find a way to display those too eventually. c:
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