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Christmas/Dittosaur Auctions! Other Sales, Including Modern Art Kuji Items!

Hello everyone! It sure has been a long time ^^; 90% of my summer was working and I recently had to change jobs because of my previous job underpaying me and just overall treating their employees like Trubbish :/ (Totally unrelated note...unless you have to, don't work for Pickleman's...) But now I work at Chipotle and everything is fine and dandy! :D I've had time to look over the things I have and decided I can definitely weed some things out ^^; I also have still yet to get rid of some extras that came with some lots I bought nearly a year ago * -* So I'm finally getting down to it! I've got some nifty stuff, including some Christmas themed items for auction! Come take a look! :D

-Feedback can be found here:
-I was given sales permission on 3/23/2014 by allinia
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees!
-I accept Paypal only :)
-I ship from Missouri and am not yet comfortable with shipping internationally :(
-Please allow me 2-3 weeks to ship, I am incredibly busy with college so getting to the PO may take some time!
-I'm not responsible for any damaged/lost items once they are in the hands of the post office!
-Those who commit to an item first have priority over it, asking for a quote is not committing. Terminology such as: "I will take", "I will have", and "Committing to" are the only terms I'll accept as committing. Otherwise I will read it as an inquiry and someone else may get priority over you. This is to avoid confusion and make things easier for everyone!
-Once you've committed to an item please pay within 48 hours, if I have not received payment after this time period please contact me or the item will be put back up for sale!
-Reasonable haggling is a-okay!
-Items come from a smoke free home!
-I will do holds for 48 hours if you are absolutely committed :)
-I will let you know when your item is shipped! Please let me know when you receive! This is also when I will leave feedback :) (Unless you're in need of feedback in which case I will do so after payment is received)

Please bid in increments of $1!
No sniping! A 5 minute extension will be made if a bid is placed in the last three minutes.
Auctions will end Thursday, September 8th at 5 pm UST!

Charmander and Togepi Christmas Notepads!
I can't find ANY information on these things! All I know is that they are adorable and dated '98!
These are both in MINT condition! They came in plastic wrap and I opened it just for pictures!
Charmander starts at $15
Togepi starts at $10

Dittosaur! Like many of those on the comm I was mainly disappointed by how small this plush was :/ Certainly adorable, but I'm sure it'll be more appreciated somewhere else! I've seen quite a few ISO posts for this guy so I wanted to give everyone on the comm a grab at it!
Dittosaur starts at $25 and is MWT!

Modern Art Kuji Vaporeon Screen Wipe!
MIP starts at $10!

Straight Sales!

Pikachu/Dedenne cloth. HUGE. I was incredibly surprised by how big this is! Can take size comparison pictures if needed.
$8 (shipping in the package may be a tiny bit more expensive than out of package)
Dedenne Scrunchy: $5
Or get both of these items for $10!

Lotad/Goldeen Clearfile: $5
Pikachu Kuji Pad: $7

Trainer's Choice Charizard
His package has suffered a little more damage since this picture was taken. Will take more pictures upon request.
Pretty sure the batteries are dead as well!

Bunnelby US Tomy $6

Kyogre Pokemon Channel Constellation Pin Badge: $25

Beautifly collection (every variant besides colored, would like to try selling together): $10
Extra Gold: $4
Dustox Collection (every variant besides colored): $10
Gold Mudkip: $20 OBO
Bronze Deoxys: $15
Bronze Regirock: $5

Vintage tattoos
$3 for Kadabra Page
$6 for Gengar Page

I ALSO HAVE MANY OLD POKEMON KIDS BOOKS FOR SALE. They are just stored in very heavy boxes! If you are looking for a certain book let me know and I'll see if I have it for you! Feel free to also make an offer as I'm not sure how much they go for!

I'm also selling an original 3DS! Let me know if you're interested!

AND FINALLY I have some non-Pokemon things I'm looking to sell! Naruto Vol.1-29 (One volume is autographed by Stephanie Sheh the voice for Hinata) And some Rin (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) things I need to get rid of! Comment if interested!

I am also looking to just free up some space so don't be afraid to haggle with me, as long as it's reasonable! Take care guys!
Tags: auctions, bulbasaur, charmander, ditto, togepi, vaporeon
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