mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pika arrived

So my daughter was sick the last week .. so i had to stay with her long time and thank god now she is recovering
during the time we watched the Pokemon XY& Z late episodes

and the house  was full  of this Song !!

the funny thing .. that i know that she will start loving pikachu as all children .. so i purchased one already :)

and it arrived yesterday ,, and she is crazy about it lol

now my wife want me to bring Squirtle 1:1 .. to my son .. and My duaghter ask me to bring Frokie ..  i opened a plushy door lol


one more thing
i am searching for mini figures for starters  as i consider strap figures and pokedex FC figures is the relevant size i want

picture to show

the small mudkip (i think it is FC/Pokedex figure) is smaller than Tomy  and almost same size as strap figure (cyndaquil)
so i am searching for starters only:

Gen 2 (Chikorita , totodile) ,Gen3 (Treecko) ,  Gen 4 (piplup, chimchar) and all Gen5 and Gen 6

thank you for viewing my post :) it is morning in my place .. so have a great pokeday :)
Tags: pikachu, plush, tomy, wants
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