Maddy (hellgarr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick plush weeding sales!

Hey guys :D

I've been slowly weeding thru my collection and deciding which plush I really don't need, so I bring to you some super quick plush sales!!

**I was granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96**

Feedback (Old username):

Feedback (current Username:


-All Pkmncollectors rules apply!

-I come from a dog and cat friendly home! They don't touch my collection, but if you're allergic please beware!

-I can provide more pictures upon request!

-Paypal Only; I accept payment plans on items over $50

-Payment is due within 48 hours of committing

-I will hold items for no more than 3 days

-Prices don't include shipping or fees, unless otherwise stated

-First person to comment inquiring about an item gets priority (even if they're only asking for a quote!!) if they don't follow thru, the item goes to the next person who comments


-I ship from NY, USA

-I will usually ship between 1-3 business days of receiving payment!


-Shipping starts at $3 for US buyers

-I am not responsible for any items once they leave the post office! I can provide insurance, but it may cost extra.

Aggron Custom (maker unknown): SOLD

MWT Japanese Weavile pokedoll: $50 OBO

US PC Umbreon: ON HOLD

Smol tomy kecleon: $40 OBO

DX Banpresto Buizel: $20

Custom 1:1 Pidgey (maker unknown): SOLD

1:1 Togepi: SOLD

Big Mirage Blastoise: $100 OBO

1:1 Tufty Pichu: SOLD

MWT Lapras KutaKuta: $150 **Will consider trades for a Smeargle Kuta**

Hawlucha MPC (damaged wings): Free with purchase of $10 or more

Thanks for looking :D

I have more items up for sale here:


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